Village East Swim Club


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Level One: Introduction to Water Skills
Purpose: Help students feel comfortable in the water

Basic water safety rules
• Submerging mouth, nose         and eyes
Opening eyes underwater      and picking up submerged    object
• Swimming on front and back
​  using arm and leg 
• Recognizing a swimmer in      distress and getting help
Exhaling underwater
• Floating on front and back

Level Two: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Purpose: Give students success with
​fundamental skills

• Submerging entire head
• Front and back glide
• Front and back crawl
 Kneeling or standing dive  (shallow dive progression)
 Rotary breather in        horizontal position
 Survival float, back float
 Butterfly-kick and body      motion

Level Three: Stroke Readiness
Purpose: Build on the skills in Level 2 by providing additional guided practice

Reaching assist
• Submerging and retrieving       an object
• Front and back glide
Front and back crawl
• Kneeling or standing dive (shallow dive progression)

Level Four: Stroke Development

Purpose: Develop confidence in the strokes learned and improve other aquatic skills

• Safe diving rules
• Dive from stride position or     shallow dive
• Survival float, back float
• Elementary backstroke,            breaststroke, butterfly
• Throwing assist
• Feet-first surface dive
• Front and back crawl

Level Five: Stroke Refinement
Purpose: provide further coordination and refinement of strokes

• Survival swimming
• Standing dive
• Open turns on front and            back
• Front and back crawl
• Performing rescue breathing
• Tuck surface dive and pike       surface dive
• Front flip turn and                       backstroke flip turn
• Elementary backstroke,           butterfly, breaststroke,             and sidestroke

Level Six: Swimming and Skill Proficiency​Refines the strokes so swimmers swim with them ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances. Level 6 is designed with “menu” options. Each of these options focus on preparing students to participate on swim teams and in more advanced courses, such as Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Training. The options included:

 Personal Water Safety
 Lifeguard Readiness
 Fundamentals of Diving
 Fitness Swimmer